The Birth of My Daughter

This bank holiday marks 10 weeks since our  little girl was born. 

She was due on February 28th but came on the 20th. The plan had been a natural birth - how many first timers say that? We'd done a hypnobirthing course and my wife Naomi was in the zone to push our baby into the world but by week 35 our little girl was still footling breech. Her head  wedged under Naomi's right rib! This little lady was not for turning.

A planned c-section it was. The obstetrician advised us that to avoid any drama it was better to be in hospital a week early in case she went into labour. Naomi checked into the best "hotel" on the Thames with views of the Houses of Parliament aka St Thomas'. She enjoyed a week of R&R with chocolate sponge and custard (her words not mine!). There were no emergencies so on the allotted day - Monday February 20th 2017 -we scrubbed up, readied ourselves and went into surgery. 

Being the partner in this situation is surreal. You are completely powerless to help physically. All I could do was give words of encouragement, love and make sure the right sound track was playing! 

Naturally I reverted to what I know best and got my camera out to document the moment that was about to change our lives irreversibly for the better. 

What follows is a short series of images that tell the story of the birth of our daughter Emmeline. 

Huge thanks to the fantastic NHS staff at St Thomas' who make what they do multiple times every day, feel like it's a first. You'll see the genuine joy on their faces in these images. 

baby-birth-photography-st-thomas-hospital 001baby-birth-photography-st-thomas-hospital 002baby-birth-photography-st-thomas-hospital 003baby-birth-photography-st-thomas-hospital 004baby-birth-photography-st-thomas-hospital 005baby-birth-photography-st-thomas-hospital 006baby-birth-photography-st-thomas-hospital 007baby-birth-photography-st-thomas-hospital 008baby-birth-photography-st-thomas-hospital 009