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He captured so many beautiful moments of the amazing day. The shots everyone particularly loves are all the times that no one realised they were being photographed. He just blended in so unobtrusively and has given us a beautiful record of the most phenomenal day! From the church, to the boat, to the joyous parade behind the Brass Monkeys band in the rain down the river, to all the shenanigans at the reception. Thank you Jack! So glad you were able to be our very special photographer.
— Esther & Colin
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I always look forward to capturing a couple’s wedding but I was particularly excited about Esther and Colin’s big day. They were getting married at St Martin-In-The-Fields - a church that has always been on my very high on my bucket list! It’s an architectural jewel set in the heart of London - Tragalgar Square. It puts on classical concerts that are world famous and I’ve been lucky enough to go a few times over the years.

As a documentary wedding photographer I always love photographing wedding venues for the first time. It allows me to see them with totally fresh eyes and then use my camera to tell the story of the wedding day. You can read more about my style of photography here.

This wedding was so much fun. It had everything - a stunning church, a boat ride down the thames, a parade along the river led by an amazing four piece brass band an intimate candle-lit dinner at Thames Rowing Club in Putney.

I arrived at St Martin-In-The-Fields as the groom and his best men were getting ready for the ceremony. The whole church was buzzing with activity - his best man was practising the drums for the song during the ceremony, one of his ushers was rehearsing his reading, orders of service were being put out and guests arriving. With all this flurry, it was easy for me to quietly blend into the background and snap away - a documentary wedding photographer’s idea of heaven!

Once the guests were seated, the bride arrived in a beautiful vintage car and was escorted down the aisle by her proud dad. It was a beautiful ceremony with plenty of music as you might expect from a church with so much musical heritage.

After a massive group photo on the steps of the church, everyone piled into a couple of old Routemaster buses that were waiting outside to take everyone to Westminster Pier. Once aboard the boat, the band started to play, champagne flowed, the bride and groom danced and all the children explored - a very party atmosphere ensued!

The musical procession from the boat to the rowing club once it had docked was amazing - it felt like we could be in New Orleans during Mardi Gras! Just so much to photograph.

The guests then sat down to dinner as night descended. As a documentary photographer, candlelight is my favourite type of light - it helps to create such an intimate atmosphere that really shines through in the images.

As everyone took to the dance floor, I noticed that Esther and Colin had slipped outside to have a moment to themselves. The moment I captured of them looking out to the river was one of my favourites of the day. When it was time for me to go, I stepped out into the cold February evening feeling sure that the party was only just heating up.

London Wedding Photographer - Some Of My Favourite Images From The Day

Below you’ll find some of my favourite photos from this special London Wedding.

I hope you enoy them!

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