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Thank you so much for the photos - they are absolutely wonderful. I don’t know how 1 person managed to capture so many different angles at the same time. We can’t wait to share them with family and friends! We are delighted!
— Rebecca & Roderick

Part of what I love about being a documentary wedding photographer is that from week to week things are always different. Just like two games of football are never the same, the way people celebrate, their emotions, the way the guests socialise, the way people declare their love for each other and even the flow of the day is always completely different to the previous week. So even when I return some my favourite wedding venues like Micklefield Hall, there are always new stories to capture.

And so it proved a few weeks ago when I took my camera’s along to Rebecca & Roderick’s big day. I arrived at chapel at Chenies House for the ceremony wondering why there were big lights, cameras and a lots of busy looking people wondering around, some in robes. It turned out that an episode of Midsummer Murders was being film around the house that day!

Away from the film set, there was another hive of activity at the chapel as Roderick and his groomsmen got ready to welcome guests to the ceremony. Among them was his young nephew all the way from Australia looking very smart in his little morning suit.

As the last of the guests trickled into the church, Rebecca arrived with her dad. There was a lovely moment just as they waited for the ceremony to begin where Rebecca put her head on her dad’s shoulder. It was a very quick little thing but showed their closeness and turned out to be one of my favourite images of the day. As was the one shortly after where Roderick wiped away a tear as his bride walked up the aisle. I’m always hunting for these little moments with my camera as I know that they will become treasured memories for the bride and groom for years to come.

After the ceremony, everyone made their way over to Mickelfield Hall for champagne on the lawn overlooking the stunning views of the surrounding countryside. The younger guests were drawn to the various games that had been laid out. Things got completive!

One of the couple’s friends is a fantastic professional magician and during dinner he went from table to table performing baffling tricks. For his grand finale he ate a piece of cotton only for him to lift his shirt to reveal it poking out of his tummy. He then made the groom pull it out. The guests on the top table laughed, gasped and in one case actually screamed!

After dinner, the couple took to the floor for their first dance. The band were really energetic and created a fun atmosphere which kept the guests boogieing away.

I reluctantly left the party in full swing. I could have happily photographed this fun crowd all night long!

What did you think of my photos of Rebecca & Roderick’s wedding at Micklefield Hall?

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