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Jack, they are fabulous; so expressive, so creative, bravo. We LOVE them. You did an amazing job. When I look at the pictures it really reminds me of the feeling of being there. How on earth did you do it!? Such talent. Thanks so much.
— Tara & Jim

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be back at Syon House in London to photograph Tara & Jim’s beautiful wedding. I just love shooting at this venue - it is one of the last great houses of London. Profoundly historic, the House holds a wealth of art within its grand classical interiors, while the Park and Gardens feel like deep countryside, although barely nine miles from Charing Cross. Weddings at Syon House are carefully planned so that the guests can explore different parts of the house and grounds throughout the day ending up at the Great Conservatory. And as you can see, “Great” just about covers it!

I am a documentary wedding photographer. This means that the photos I produce for my clients are entirely unstaged, true and candid. I blend into the background and quietly capture photos that truly capture the spirit and story of the day that can be re-lived for years to come by my couples and their families. Syon House and it’s magnificent grounds are perfect for my style of photography - everyone was so busy exploring this special venue that they didn’t notice me discreetly capturing all the action.

As usual, the day started with the bride and her trusty bridesmaids. What I noticed straight away was just how much fun they were having getting ready. I’m sure Tara must have been nervous but she seemed to be so busy helping everyone with their makeup I don’t think they noticed.

I then made my way over to the Great Hall where all the last minute preparations were being made by the couple’s friends. Tara is part of a all female cabaret group called The Ruby Dolls who were practising their song for the end of the ceremony. It’s little moments like this that I’m constantly on the look out for.

After the ceremony, the drinks reception was held in the Inner Courtyard amidst the white and cream flowers which were in full bloom. Afterwards, everyone walked through the grounds to the wedding breakfast at the Great Conservatory. The speeches were after the meal with the biggest cheer of the night saved for Tara. As one of her friends told me later, there was no way on earth she wasn't going to do one!

The couple then took their positions for the first dance and the wedding band started to play just as the stage and laser lights swung into action transforming the building into a night club. I walked across the lawn to leave silhoutted by the purple flashing lights spilling from the windows - the evening was only just beginning …


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